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Welcome to the Effective Church Communications Library

TThe ECC Library is a FREE, PWYW (pay-what-you-want) online library of eBooks, training videos, and resources that will inspire you, train you, and give you resources that will enable your church to create communications that are timeless, strategic, Biblically based, and always with the ultimate goal of helping your church fully fulfill the Great Commission.

The content is from the Effective Church Communications Ministry, created by Yvon Prehn.

Pay-what-you-want means you can make a donation to the ECC ministry when you download an item, but that is NOT expected and you are under no pressure or obligation to do that. Please feel free to download and share as much as you want with my blessings. 

ECC is not a nonprofit and you do not get a tax deduction for donations, but you do help support the many ministry costs to produce and make available these materials.

Need ideas? Need an overall vision/strategy for your church communications ministry? Need encouragement and biblical guidance for your work? Need tips and resources to make the most of seasonal events to reach your community and grow your church? Need timeless how-tos in how to create communications beyond the latest social media or technology tip?

The Effective Church Communications Library can help - help yourself to it!

Following are the categories of the eBooks, videos, and church communications resources in the ECC Library to make it easier for you to find what you want.

eBook: Successful Seasonal Strategies, to grow your church in numbers and your people in spiritual maturity


Strategic Summer Communications


eBook Strategic Summer Communications


Video: Successful Seasonal Strategies


Video: The Five Steps of Effective Church Communications and Marketing


Video: How the 5 Steps and Seasonal Stategy Work Together


eBook: Divide Your Communication Team into 2 Levels


eBook: 5 Steps of Effective Church Communications and Marketing


eBook: Challenges to Church Communicators


eBook: Halloween and Fall Festivals, how to make the most of them


eBook: Stop Declining Church Attendance


eBook: Why Discipleship is Essential for the Church to Survive


Not Safe but Good, why it's important to read your Bible in chronological order and how to do it


eBook: Are Printed Bulletins Still Needed in Church?


eBook: Church Bulletins, vital for visitor and member communications


About Me

Hi, I'm Yvon Prehn, author of the books in the ECC Library.

I've been writing about church communications since before the computer was invented (seriously). I was a published writer from when I was 16 years old and along with writing for a secular newspaper and Christian organizations, I also taught writing, marketing and communications to churches and Christian organizations. Computers and desktop publishing came along and that meant teaching these skills now involved the computer.

That led to more writing and I wrote the first book on desktop publishing in the church, then many additional books, hundreds of articles, and blog posts. 

In addition to writing about church communications, for over 20 years I traveled all over North America teaching full-day seminars on church communications, interacting with communicators from many denominations, plus being actively involved in creating communications for my church, my husband who was a bi-vocational pastor, and the ministries we were involved in.

I founded Effective Church Communications, with a website, videos, and other resources for church communicators. I continue to create content and new resources for it.

The materials in the ECC library are training videos and eBook versions of previously printed books, collections of articles, blog posts, and a variety of materials from decades of work. I have many more I'm putting into eBook format and notices of them will be posted on my Effective Church Communications website and social media.

If you want more details about me or the Effective Church Communications ministry, click the links at the top of this page.

The resources in the ECC Library, the free Templates, and free courses on my YouTube channel are all for you and my prayers and blessings are for you as you create effective communications for our Lord!

Why the Effective Church Communications Library is needed

Church communicators are expected to have skills in many areas. They are required to be marketing management, and software experts, brilliant graphic designers, layout experts, and copywriters, all with a wise Biblical foundation and effective strategies to grow churches in numbers and believers as disciples. Plus, since church communications is one of the most strategic and spiritually important areas of the church, they are often subjected to very real spiritual warfare as we have an enemy who does not want to see them succeed.

To be a church communicator is an extraordinary calling and often one entered without any of the necessary skills. My heart breaks for the thousands of them I’ve interacted with over the years, while I am astonished by their bravery and what they accomplish with the skills and tools they have.

To be of service to them, I was fortunate enough to be trained early in the days prior to computers by some great teachers in the communication fields. I learned to write, design, do typography, and layout in painstaking and detailed ways. I was given invaluable training which I was able to then translate into digital skills when the computer came along.

Based on that foundation and what I’ve learned since then, I have a vast amount of material that is useful for church communicators that I am in the process of making available in the Effective Church Communication Library.

To make it more manageable, I have organized the training videos, eBooks,and collections of articles into the following categories. Some are in more than one, but I’ve tried to make them useful for you to find what you need.

·       Strategy & Biblical Foundation for Church Communications

·       Seasonal Strategy overall and for specific holidays

·       Images, sources, how to use effectively

·       Specific Communication Projects, Print & Digital

·       Leading & Managing a Church Communication Ministry

·       Social Media, commentary concerning it

·       Graphic Design, Writing, Typography

All the materials are FREE or PWYW (pay-what-you-want). Pay-what-you-want means you can make a donation to the ECC ministry when you download an item, but that is NOT expected and you are under no pressure or obligation to do that. Please feel free to download and share as much as you want with my blessings. 

To get any item, hit the "Buy Now" button and it will be available for a totally free, no obligation download for you to use.

Please take advantage of these resources and create effective church communications to help people come to know Jesus as Savior and grow as His disciples!