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Strategic Summer Communications

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Everything in the Effective Church Communications Library including eBooks, videos, charts, PDFs, etc., is now available on a FREE or PWYW (Pay-What-You-Want) basis. This means FREE or you can donate to support the ministry, though that is NOT expected. They are simply, freely offered. Just click the "BUY NOW" button for an immediate download.


Summer is a great time for fun, but it is also a time you can reach out to people who may not normally come to your church through the special events you host. 

This video is a short and upbeat overview of the eBOOK, Strategic Summer Communications (available here on the ECC Library) that contains strategy, tips, and previews of many FREE Templates on the website. 

Though it does take extra time to create the needed communications before, during, and after your summer events, if you do them prayerfully and strategically, in addition to fun times, they can be times to change lives for eternity. 

PLEASE NOTE: all the videos on the Effective Church Communications Library are for you to be able to download and use without any of the distractions or legal issues of YouTube. 

You will get a MP4 (34MB) file