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Fathers Day Strategy

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Everything in the Effective Church Communications Library including eBooks, videos, charts, PDFs, etc., is now available on a FREE or PWYW (Pay-What-You-Want) basis. This means FREE or you can donate to support the ministry, though that is NOT expected. They are simply, freely offered. Just click the "BUY NOW" button for an immediate download.


This book is a collection of strategic articles, short and longer quotes you can use for Father's Day, and previews of all the materials from Effective Church Communications and the Bibleverse sites related to Father's Day, all in one convenient download.

This book is offered for a limited time Free so you can see this type of book in the ECC Library.

Some of the books are much longer and contained detailed how-tos and strategy, others will be collections of articles and resources from my related ministry websites. 

This eBook isn't designed for you to download and print out as there are a lot of colored pages (previews of various materials) and ink would be used up quickly. Instead, I designed it to be a download and then something you could quickly skim through for strategy and resources. 

Feel free to copy the file and pass on to anyone else without any copyright restrictions.

For a video preview of the book, check out the video below:

You will get a PDF (3MB) file