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eBook: Back to Basics, essential foundational skills for church communicators

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Though you can purchase this product by itself, the BEST deal is a subscription to the Effective Church Communications (ECC) Library, which contains all the books, videos, and church communications resources on this site for $36 a year. In addition, if you sign up for the ECC Library you get permission to make as many copies of the materials to share with your church staff and church communications team as you want. CLICK HERE to subscribe to the ECC Library.

Good communication training is timeless. Though this book was written when computers were first used to create communications, the principles of planning, design, layout, typography, writing, editing, proofing, and managing church communications haven't changed. 

This book is a reprint of my first book on desktop publishing in the church. It is filled with timeless training in church communication skills and strategy. 

This book will give you an essential and solid foundation for your church communications work by teaching you the basics of communication strategy and creation that many church communicators don't have the opportunity to learn before they started their work. 
110 pages
You will get a PDF (27MB) file

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