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eBook: Church Bulletin Gospel Presentations

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Salvation from sin and eternal death is the most important message of the church, but sadly we often confuse people outside the church by primarily promoting the message that the church is simply one more source of good advice on how to be happy in this life.

Though most churches would say that communicating the gospel message is the most important thing they do, in many churches it is hard to find it stated anywhere how someone can come to know Jesus as Savior.

This short booklet has some great examples from church bulletins, a weekly communication piece that makes sure every person who visits the church learns what is most important about the church. 

Though whether it is through your church bulletin (which I know not everyone does these days) social media or your website, the channel you use isn't nearly as important as the reality that you get the gospel message of salvation in Jesus out to your community.

I pray this little eBook of examples will inspire you of ways to communicate the good news of Jesus as Savior to those who come to your church. 
29 pages
You will get a PDF (3MB) file