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eBook: 5 Steps of Effective Church Communications and Marketing

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This book gives you a progressive, sequential way for communications to take people from outside the church to mature disciples. This is an essential book to help you form a Biblical strategy for your church communications because for a church communications ministry to be truly effective, it needs a North Star, a reason why it does all it does.

That reason isn’t to always use the latest and greatest technology or to wow people into the church with brilliant, witty designs. Though technology is a great tool and good design essential, they are not all that is needed for eternal significance and impact in your church communication ministry.

The North Star for church communications to have an eternal impact is to fully fulfill the Great Commission, to help people to know Jesus as Savior and to grow to mature disciples.

This book was written to give you a progressive and sequential communication strategy, practical tips, and advice on the specific communications you need to create in digital and print formats that will take people from outside the church and grow them to mature disciples of Jesus.

The Five Steps of Effective Church Communications and Marketing are: INVITE, INFORM, INVOLVE, INSTRUCT, INSPIRE. 

Many churches are not accomplishing all they know they could with their church communications is because they stop at one or two steps and don’t have a North Star to guide them with the entire process needed to make disciples.

When you understand and apply these steps it can transform your church communications ministry and your church. 
132 pages 

You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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