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Celebration of Father's Video

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Everything in the Effective Church Communications Library including eBooks, videos, charts, PDFs, etc., is now available on a FREE or PWYW (Pay-What-You-Want) basis. This means FREE or you can donate to support the ministry, though that is NOT expected. They are simply, freely offered. Just click the "BUY NOW" button for an immediate download.

About this video

This video is just over a minute in length and can be shared on your church's social media or as a brief intro during a church service. 

It is an MP4 file in 1080p.

Here it is for your review, when you download it, you won't get any of the associated YouTube materials, (not my picture or the subscribe button or the follow-up YouTube videos) the download is just the video and you can do whatever you want with it at your church. You can even cut off the part where it says a gift from Yvon Prehn, that's perfectly OK. 

It is for you to use to celebrate Fathers Day!

You will get a MP4 (36MB) file