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How would you feel if you went into a restaurant and you didn't get a menu? Or to a concert and didn't get a program?

Confused, irritated, wondering what was going on and how to find out?

As the lead article in this collection of blogs from the Effective Church Communications website shows, that's what it's like for a person to come to your church if you don't give them some sort of church bulletin or program to let them know what's going on.

If they only get a cheery hello and welcome and then are left to figure out why people suddenly jump up, start singing (and repeat the song lyrics again and again), why little cups of juice and tiny crackers are passed around as the lights dim, and who the various people are who make announcements before the main speaker, chances are they won't be feeling very happy about their experience. 

It's easy to forget how confusing a church service can be for a totally unchurched person (who all of us in the church want to reach). 

This collection of articles will not only help you understand that situation, but it will give you positive ways you can create bulletins to inform and involve people in your church. Plus it ends with a personal account of a long-term church-going person and their negative experience visiting a new church that didn't have a church bulletin. 

Take the time to read these articles if you need encouragement and inspiration on why and how to create an effective church bulletin.
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