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eBook: Are Printed Bulletins Still Needed in Church?

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In a world of social media, websites, and texting, do we really still need PRINTED church bulletins?

Many churches are even asking, do we need church bulletins at all? 

Though they are one of the most time-consuming, challenging, and frustrating communications to create, PLEASE take a few minutes and read this eBook to see why church bulletins are also one of the most powerful communications created by your church.

For a newcomer, they may be the first piece of Christian literature they see, they can prevent confusion at your church service, for both visitors and regular church attenders, the bulletin is an easy-to-access link to your other forms of communication. It can be taken home and put on the refrigerator in a constant reminder of what's happening at church.

This eBook shares true stories of people whose lives were changed for eternity because of church bulletins. Along with those you'll learn practical reasons for using them and tips to make yours more effective.
25 pages
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