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eBook: Divide Your Communication Team into 2 Levels

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It’s a given that church communicators have far more work than they can accomplish even if they work 24/7 on their ministry (and many try). Part of the challenge is the importance of the task, of communicating the words of eternal life, of coming to know Jesus as Savior and grow as His disciple. To accomplish those goals, churches host many events, ministries, and programs.

In our post-Christian world today people don’t automatically come to Sunday morning, Sunday night, and midweek services, or small groups, children’s events, or work projects. All these need to be explained, communicated, marketed, and as the marketing experts tell us many times in many different channels for the message to move people to action.

What is the solution? In many years of interacting with church communicators and my own experience, I found one of the biggest problems is we know we need to use volunteers, but we are often afraid they won’t do the quality of communications needed by the church. Again, what can be done?

From my own experience I found a solution of breaking communication ministry into two levels—the details of what communications go where, the guidelines and skills for both are shared in this short book.

Not only will it help preserve your sanity, but your church will get the communications it needs to grow and involve your people in more ministries.
20 pages
You will get a PDF (846KB) file

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