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eBook: Church Business & Invitation Cards, PR, outreach, caring, and information all in one

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Though you can purchase this product individually,  the BEST deal is a subscription to the Effective Church Communications (ECC) Library, which contains all the books, videos, and church communications resources on this site for $36 a year. In addition, if you sign up for the ECC Library you get permission to make as many copies of the materials to share with your church staff and church communications team as you want. CLICK HERE to subscribe to the ECC Library.

Though social media is a popular way to communicate, business cards remain one of the best ways to link people to our church, church events, and church social media.

We can give them out, leave them places, intentionally use them as invitations or mini-brochures. 

And they are timeless and effective in a way no other communication piece is. Think about when you see any television procedural, when the detective in charge is interviewing a potential witness and they suspect they may have important information, what do they do? Do they tell them to call the police HQ, or contact them on the police website or social media account or to text them? Nope.

They ALWAYS hand them a business card as a way to make a continuing connection. What works for the police and every real estate professional (and many more) can make a huge impact for your church.

This book will give you strategies and tips on how to design and use them effectively. 

They may be tiny, but they can accomplish great things in outreach, PR, caring, and information communication for your church.
38 pages
You will get a PDF (3MB) file