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Video: The Five Steps of Effective Church Communications and Marketing

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Though you can purchase this product individually, the BEST deal is a subscription to the Effective Church Communications (ECC) Library, which contains all the books, videos, and church communications resources on this site for $36 a year. In addition, if you sign up for the ECC Library you get permission to make as many copies of the materials to share with your church staff and church communications team as you want CLICK HERE to subscribe to the ECC Library.

About the video

This video will teach you a strategic and sequential church communication plan that will take people from outside the church and grow them into mature disciples.

Most churches work hard on communications, but they are often done without direction towards the overall goals of the church. This training will change that and give you a vision and North Star for your communications to all work towards fully fulfilling the Great Commission.

The Five Steps are:
  1. Invite
  2. Inform
  3. Include
  4. Instruct
  5. Inspire
The video is especially useful in training new church communication team members as it will help them understand how your church communications fit into the Great Commission.

We aren't about only getting people to come to church; we want them to come to know Jesus as Savior and grow to mature discipleship. Church communications are needed each step of the way and this video will help you understand which ones to use when and give you tips on how to make them effective. 

Books that go with the video

Both of the books below go with the video and cover in-depth the topics discussed in it. Click on the images to go to a description of the books and excerpts from them.

The Five Five Steps of Effective Church Communications and Marketing 

Successful Seasonal Strategies

CLICK HERE for more information on the yearly subscription for access to all of these and more resources to help you be a more effective church communicator.
You will get a MP4 (146MB) file

eBook: 5 Steps of Effective Church Communications and Marketing


Video: Successful Seasonal Strategies


eBook: Challenges to Church Communicators


Video: How the 5 Steps and Seasonal Stategy Work Together


eBook: Stop Declining Church Attendance


eBook: Divide Your Communication Team into 2 Levels


eBook: Successful Seasonal Strategies, to grow your church in numbers and your people in spiritual maturity


eBook: Why Discipleship is Essential for the Church to Survive