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eBook: Church Bulletins, vital for visitor and member communications

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Though you can purchase this product individually, the BEST deal is a subscription to the Effective Church Communications (ECC) Library, which contains all the books, videos, and church communications resources on this site for $36 a year. In addition, if you sign up for the ECC Library you get permission to make as many copies of the materials to share with your church staff and church communications team as you want. CLICK HERE to subscribe to the ECC Library.

I've been teaching church communicators about how to create effective church bulletins for a long time in many forms of media. This eBook has copies of newsletters, magazine articles, training handouts that go back almost 20 years.

And though we have new forms of getting out information to our congregations and visitors, many of the essential skills in how to write notices people will respond to, effective typography that helps organize a communication piece, calendar tips and much more that were originally written to help you create more effective church bulletins are not only still useful for church bulletins either printed or online, but also for any format you use to get basic information out to your congregation.

Looking through the examples here will give you practical and useful ideas for your church bulletin to help people understand your church, and the Christian faith, and become involved in activities that will help them grow in their walk with Jesus.

Though they aren’t the most popular church communication piece today, if done correctly with care, consistently, and with complete information, church bulletins can have a tremendous impact on how your church responds to events outside Sunday morning at your church.
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